Pain Management

Why is Acupuncture so effective in alleviating pain? Why is the effect of the needles so fast?

In this clinic, we use a very effective technique: head acupuncture (also called scalp acupuncture). The application of the needles is very safe and you hardly feel them.
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About Dr. Chi

My goal is to offer the excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine Care for all my patients, Comfort them with a better holistic understanding of their health condition, and Cure their illness by stimulating an innate healing process that is safe, effective and drug -free.
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What has become apparent through years of research is that the diabetic condition is not simply a matter of one or two things having gone wrong. It is a complex condition involving many imbalances at the deeper metabolic level.
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We are located at:

877 W Fremont Ave., Suite I-3
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(At the junction of Mary and Fremont Ave.)
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Upcoming Free Class

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